MI Rechargeable lamp

Today Mi India’s twitter handle has tweeted that the company will begin crowdfunding for Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp. The Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp will be up on Mi.com for crowdfunding from July 18 at 12 pm.

The Mi Rechargeable lamp comes in a White colour option, that has a round base stand, a cylindrical holder type at the top that holds the bulb and a long slim pole.

Lamp pricing hasn’t been revealed as of yet. The Company will tend to reveal its pricing details and production on Thursday and even shared a video detailing all of the lamp’s features.

The Mi rechargeable lamp will have 3 levels of brightness – white, warm white, and yellow – suiting to users’ needs. The battery can last up to 5 days on one charge and is lightweight.

This device would be the perfect solution for emergency light, as it is portable as well. “Perfect emergency light solution,” says the company’s tweet.

Mi Customers do have a lot of doubts about the Mi Rechargeable lamp, can it be used while charging. Dial for adjusting the brightness. when is the Mi Band 4 coming to India?

As part of its 5th-anniversary celebrations, Xiaomi has already launched Mi Beard Trimmer in India. Anyone interested in Mi Lamp, crowdfunding begins from the day after tomorrow — July 18th, at 12 PM on Mi.com


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