What Is Bitly and How To Use It?

Bitly is a “link shorteners” service, which means they take long URLs and shrink them in to short URLs. It is a most popular URL link shortener among all URL shorteners on the web. It is a powerful online marketing tool that tracks billions of clicks of the web-links every month.

Bitly is a “link shorteners” service, which converts long URLs in to short URLs and when you enter them into your web browser, they get converted back to their full URL.

Best browsers you can use

As you can see this URL which is a short URL converted by Bitly and when yo click on this URL you wil be taken to Techdoots website.

Bitly is a free online tool that allows you to shorten URLs to as little as 14 characters. This is mainly useful for Twitter users who are limited to only 140 characters per post.

Creating Bitlinks

To create a new Bitly link, visit and sign up for your free account. Click on the orange Create button and select Bitlink from the dropdown menu.

A verticle box will appear on the right side of the website. Copy your URL you’d like to shorten and paste it in the top right of your screen.

After that, you will be given the bitly URL, you can simply copy the standard URL and share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Copy button to copy and paste it somewhere or the Share button to share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Bitly Tools

Be sure to check out Bitly’s tools if you create and share lots of bitly links. You can:

  • Add an extension to your web browser.
  • Add WordPress plugin.
  • Download the Bitly URL app.

Things Bitly Could Do

  • Monitor your website stats.
  • Bundle your links.
  • It works on your phone.
  • Use shortcuts.
  • Can track clicks.


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