Xiaomi officially confirmed that the new RedmiBook products will use the AMD R5 3500U processor. The confirmation came by way of a poster which showed that the new RedmiBook series will be powered by the AMD R5 3500U processor.

This is the first RedmiBook with the AMD platform in the RedmiBook series. This is the first time that Xiaomi has adopted an AMD processor on its laptops. 

The first time a RedmiBook going launched with AMD processors on-board, with the previous RedmiBook 14 using Intel processors instead. AMD’s recently launched line up of processors has impressive multi-threaded performance, which may be one of the reasons Xiaomi is looking to introduce new RedmiBooks with these processors.


As said, the new RedmiBook products will use the AMD R5 3500U processor RedmiBook series. The normal version of the AMD R5 3500U has the maximum power consumption limit. In the style of Redmi, the new product will be equipped with the full version of the R5 3500U.

It’s safe to assume that since Redmi will offer the AMD R5 3500U processor in the RedmiBook without under-clocking it, the laptop should have improved thermals to dissipate all the heat. The AMD R5 3500U adopts quad-core and octa-thread design and the frequency reaches 3.7GHz. It has a powerful multi-threaded computing performance.

The biggest highlight is the integrated Vega 8 GPU, which has nearly 1 set performance compared with the same level of Intel competing products. In other words, the AMD R5 3500U has better gaming performance and lower price than comparable Intel processors.

It’ll also be interesting to see the price at which Xiaomi launches these new RedmiBook products. The company disclosed the launch date of the new RedmiBook with AMD series. It’s set on October 21.

When the company officially announces them, and we’ll definitely keep you updated. The notebook products with the AMD R5 3500U processors are generally sold at more than 3,500 yuan ($493). Source: Gizchina

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