How to Use Google Translate offline by downloading language packs

If you love traveling Google Translate would be a handy tool for you. With the help of Google Translate, you can convey your words to anyone who can’t speak your language.

Anyone who has a smartphone can speak to someone who is speaking in another language. This app lets you translate them with and without an internet connection. To use Use Google Translate offline you have to download language packs.

To use Google Translate just hold the phone over the mouth and speak the words you have to translate. That’s it the app will convert your words in the language you want. It’s like having a genius with fluency in 103 languages in your pocket.

There are currently 59 languages available for offline use. Let’s know How to use the Google Translate app to translate languages offline.

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How to Download Google Translate Languages

Step1: Open up the Google Translate app on your smartphone and tap on your own language and the language that you wanna translate. Translate the language you wanna translate. If you wanna use this translation feature offline, then follow the steps below.

Step2: On the top, you will find a menu option with 3 horizontal bars. Tap on that menu bar where you will find an option Offline Translation.

Step3: This will open up a page with all the languages available to translate offline using google translate and the only thing you have to do is selecting the language you would like to translate offline.

Step4: Tap the download icon to download that language for offline use. The language you have downloaded will be ready to use offline.

By following the above steps you can download the google translate languages for offline use.

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