Hiding apps on an Android device if you feel uncomfortable with random people being able to snoop on your phone screen?  It may sound a little sneaky but, its the best way to ensure that private information will be safe if your device is stolen or lost.

You may have got some pictures that you’d really prefer your family members or others not stumble across if they need to borrow your phone for some reasons 

You may be having some private documents that contain sensitive personal information that shouldn’t be leaked or any other data which should be kept private. If you wanna hide these file or any apps on your phone you can do that know?

If you want to know How? Continue reading…

The Android OS doesn’t make you to simply hide the apps in your phone. In some phone, you may find this feature inbuilt but it’s known to all and anyone with access to your phone can unhide the app if he knows How To!

There are a few ways you can hide apps on the phone and keep your personal information from prying eyes. What you really need is a method to vanish your private apps by one slide of your figure and restore them just as quickly after work is done.

Simple Method to Hide Apps on Android

The simple way to protect the existence of Android apps is to “disable” them and “enable” them again after work is done. This method can be useful when you have a small number of apps to hide.

You will have to disable each and every app individually when need and enable them all when work is done.

This could be a little hard task that several times daily running into the procedure and hide from people you wanted to hide your phone details. The main thing is “disabling” an app will erase all app data and updates. You have to set it up all over again after you “re-enable” it.

The best and quickest way is you have to install an app to hide apps. That means you have to install a launcher that can hide apps for you. You can hide the apps without any difficulty just by installing a launcher. I wanna know more how to? Continue reading…

Hide Apps with Launchers

You can hide apps with the help of launchers with the “hidden apps” option is the best way to go about hiding your private apps. For hiding apps, Apex launcher is one of the best apps and can help you to hide your particular app.

After the installation of apex launcher, you can be able to see “Apex Settings” on the home screen. Open the app ad you will be seeing option hidden apps. You click on that and then you will be able to do the rest of the hiding procedure. After that next screen will contain a complete list of apps installed on your phone.

Simply hide apps by choosing them one by one. That’s it the app should remain invisible on your phone’s home screen. To view them again temporarily, simply unhide them.

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Don’t wanna Change your Launcher?

If you don’t wanna change your launcher! No problem. Still, you can hide your apps. Just install an app locker and hide your apps and as well as file too. You can even hide files with the help of app locker.

If you don’t know which app lock would be the best one and which will work better? Then here is the list of best app locker for android you can refer from here.

I would be suggesting Applock. AppLock offers an easy interface to protect your apps with various options that include passwords, patterns, and fingerprint locks. It can also help you hide pictures and videos if you wish to.

Procedure to install Applock and Hide apps

After downloading app lock from play store you have to choose your password or pattern. Do remember it, otherwise, you will have to uninstall AppLock and install it again to access other apps. At the first time choose pattern and put a simple pattern so you can remember it.

Afetr setting up the password you just select which apps you wanna hide that save in the app. That’s it- your apps will be hidden. Apart from hiding apps, you can also lock apps like your gallery, WhatsApp Facebook, etc..


If you think that your smartphone consists of very confidential information and if you don’t wanna let it be leaked. Then using an appropriate launcher or hiding app, you can assure yourself of greater privacy in any situation.

What other methods have you used to hide apps on your Android device?

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