alexa hindi support

Alexa, Amazon’s AI-powered assistant, will soon be able to talk in Hindi.  Amazon has confirmed that its smart speaker, will be understanding Hindi soon as it has expanded the Alexa Skills.

The developers who already have English Skills available can also update their existing published skills in India for Hindi and reach a much wider audience in the country.

The company is also hosting a webinar on Hindi skill-building for developers to help them with building skills in Hindi on July 24. If you’re interested in that, you can register.

Alexa has been in the Indian market from some time but only supports (English) English or mixture of Hindi and English to communicate.

The company has announced that the Alexa Voice Service that enables device manufacturers also mentioned. The companies like Boat, Sony and Dish TV, will be soon able to use the Alexa Voice Service to launch their Alexa-enabled devices with Hindi support.

Developers can get early access to via the AVS Developer Portal. If Alexa comes with Hindi support, this can give Amazon a huge boost when competing against other smart assistants.

Amazon holds about a 30% market share, about the same as its main competitor, Walmart-backed Flipkart.


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