Google announced Stadia at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March. The service (stadia) will let gamers play standard PC games within a phone, a tablet and of course a normal PC anything that can browse the web, including a TV.

On Monday, the official account for Google Stadia tweeted that launch information, and pricing would be revealed on Thursday at 9 a.m. PT, during the first-ever Stadia Connect event.

Google stadia tweeted, ” Some news can’t wait for #E3.  “, Tune into the first ever #StadiaConnect this Thursday 6/6 at 9 AM PT for exciting announcements, games, and more…

Google says that the service is designed in the way that people can play and watch together 🙂

The games are powered by Google’s high-performance computers(servers), which then stream the images to the web browser in a similar way Netflix streams videos.

Gamers can play using a controller Google designed, which can be connected through Wi-Fi to Stadia’s systems.


“Our ambition is far beyond a single game,” Google’s Phil Harrison said at GDC in March.


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