Free Music Download Apps for Android

Most of you experienced the struggle of downloading songs on your mobile phone. Most of them are not aware that there is the best music downloader app for Android which can help you download your music.

Downloading music seems to be flicky like DVDs in the age of Netflix, but it helps you a lot when you’re offline or when you’re on a flight. If you might be interested in some ways to download some tunes for free, then continue reading below.

There are plenty of great paid services and Free Music Download Apps that let you download music to your Android device. Here are our favorite apps for downloading free music to your Android device that won’t cost you a penny.

All of these apps can download files for free. However, you should remember that just because something’s available as a free music download, it doesn’t mean it’s there with the copyright owner’s permission.


4shared has a huge library of free music and the best music downloader app for Android. It is a famous file-sharing repository 4Shared has been making the rounds on PC for a while. 4shared is still alive! 4shared is a file-sharing app that lets users upload and download files.

This app isn’t designed just for music. Users can upload whatever files they want to, but it’s as good for finding music as anything else. There are over more than 25 million files available on 4shared that you can download including music files.

The music you download is automatically added to a 15 GB 4shared cloud folder, which is available to listen to offline. You can add your own tunes to that folder too.

To be able to use this app, you will need to log in to your account. You can use either your Facebook, Google, or Email.

Hungama Music

This is the best app to download Indian songs. Hungama Music has huge database of songs (4 million) in Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, etc. and songs including Bollywood numbers.

You’ll get a certain amount of downloads for free (20, when we tried it), so pick your favorites carefully before considering whether you want to pay for more.


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