A few months back Facebook said it was going to redesign the website and bring a dark mode to its website and mobile apps. Facebook has started the public beta testing of its redesigned website interface. The screenshots shared by testers are akin to design Facebook showed off at its developer F8 conference earlier this year.

people are being invited to test the new interface. As can see from the screenshots shared by some Twitter users, the new version of the website kinda looks like Twitter.

Here’s everything we know so far about Facebook UI With Dark Mode. Facebook has started the public beta testing of its redesigned website interface redesigned the website and Dark mode. Multiple users are invited to try out Facebook’s new redesigned interface.

As can be seen from the embedded tweet above, the company is inviting select users to test out the new UI with a simple invitation: “We are excited for you to try a fresh, simpler experience of the Facebook website”. The company says its “Larger fonts and simplified layouts will make it easier to do what you want”.

This is just a test version, so the final release of dark mode and the new interface might not look the same. Early beta testers will also have the option to go back to the old UI via a simple toggle in case they don’t like the new interface.

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We will update you as soon as the new interface and when it might be rolled out universally.

Featured Image Courtesy: Facebook


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