Best YouTube Thumbnail Makers You Can Use Online (2)

YouTube thumbnail makers|For a YouTuber its very important to keep their thumbnail attractive. Since thumbnails are intended to grab viewers’ attention by which the viewer click on to that video. You have to create outstanding thumbnails if you wanna get click on to your videos.

If your not a player in photoshop and cannot create a thumbnail in photo editing software’s then these YouTube thumbnail makers can help you create awesome killer thumbnails for your youtube channel.

If you are searching for software tools that can help you out in creating YouTube Thumbnails then you are at the right page. Here are the five best thumbnail makers to help you create stunning thumbnails. Some of them are free to create YouTube Thumbnail, others may need to pay to get more advanced features.

1. Canva

Canva is the most popular and one of the best best online graphic editing platform on the internet today and allows you to create incredible YouTube thumbnails for free. Though it cost you for some extra features coming to the free stuff, this provides awesome tools when compared to any other thumbnail maker on the internet today.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Makers

ThisYouTube thumbnail makers is very useful to non-designers as well as designers who want to create professional-looking thumbnails. The simple to use drag and drop type functions are really awesome and it includes free stock type photos, Illustrations, Shapes, Frames, and Text, etc. 

AS you are looking for the creating youtube thumnail you might be searching about How to make a logo on internet, Right? If so, just head over to youtube and type TechDoots you will find the best way to create a logo which can help you a lot.

Features of this free YouTube Thumbnail Maker:

  • Offers customized YouTube thumbnail design and logo
  • Can change images, colors, and fonts
  • Get more styles and templates if you upgrade
  • Simple Drag and Drop option make life easier

2. Snappa

Just like Canva, Snappa is the most creative and popular that allows you to do more than just create YouTube thumbnails. It comes with the best graphic design tools (like logo maker, thumbnail maker, poster maker, post maker for Insta and Fb) for non-designers because of its ease of use.

It offers more than 500+ templates for social media posters as well as for YouTube thumbnails. If you wanna make a thumbnail or create a logo all you need is to sign up for a free account and start using some of the pre-made YouTube templates.

This tool gives you limitless options to customize your thumbnails. You can create the logo, add text, customize the image and make your thumbnails stand out from the others. Snappa YouTube thumbnail makers also allow you to create YouTube templates from scratch by just uploading your own images and convert them to thumbnails.

It has both a free and a paid version, you can use the free version if you are a newbie. If you wanna in the stage to buy premium version, I recommend you to buy between canva and snappa which are the best tools on the internet.

Features of this free YouTube Thumbnail Maker:

  • You Can customize YouTube thumbnail
  • Can change fonts and add text
  • Can get more styles and templates if you upgrade
  • Simple Drag and Drop option make life easier

3. Fotojet

Fotojet is another tool you can use to create simple YouTube thumbnails. This tool provides numerous options whereas it is mainly used for collage making, graphic designing and as a side photo editor.

Fotojet comes with more than 650 stunning collage making templates that can be used for your various designings. Fotojet features an advanced thumbnail creator tool that allows the user to tweak the images in the most flattering way possible.

You can use this tool to add filters, resize, crop, or even rotate your images. It has a simple interface that allows you to create stunning thumbnails without any complications.

Features of this free YouTube Thumbnail Maker:

  • It comes with many templates for you to use
  • Easy to use and can get a very high-quality thumbnail
  • Simple Drag and Drop option make life easier

we respond better to visuals than text. Therefore, creating visually appealing YouTube thumbnails can significantly increase traffic to your YouTube channel. But having quality thumbnails is not enough the content needs to be valuable to the viewer for you to have a higher engagement.

Have a quality thumbnail-maker tool that you feel deserves a spot on our list? Share your thoughts with your friends by sharing this post and help them to find a better thumbnail editing tool.


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