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A good secure web browser makes a huge difference in your everyday browsing. However, it is a bit tricky to break out which is the best web browsers for you were as different people want different options in the browsers as to their daily work.

Some of the web browsers offer a faster and seamless experience while others provide enhanced better security or more flexibility. The browser you are using might not be the best browser on your best laptop if it is not the one mention in this article.

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1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the fastest browser which comes with Google’s security. It provides you more flexibility And comes with the seamless integration with Google’s services. Chrome lets you sync your passwords and bookmarks across devices.

chrome browser

The best thing of chrome is you can sync your browsing history and other data like passwords, login details across different devices. All you have to do is log into your Google account.

Chrome comes with the huge library of extensions, which provides you more flexibility in terms of all google services. This free browser is extremely fast especially when it comes to loading websites owned by Google such as Gmail and YouTube.

While other browsers may take a while to load a YouTube video fast. There is a built-in Google Translate to ensure you can translate any language without any hassle.

However, Chrome isn’t without its downsides. It tends to eat up plenty of memory and also consumes more battery. If your PC doesn’t have enough RAM and when you’re running out of battery on your laptop, Chrome shouldn’t be your first pick.

Download: Free

Pros :

  • Loads Google services like YouTube and Gmail very quickly.
  • A massive library of browser extensions to download.
  • Available in a variety of devices.

Cons :

  • Chrome’s Incognito mode doesn’t completely hide you from sites.
  • Browser updates have a history of raising privacy concerns.
  • Chrome is considered a memory hog, which can be a problem if you do a lot of multitasking.

2. Microsoft Edge

This Windows 10 browser is heavily integrated into the Windows OS and is the default browser for opening not just web pages but ebooks and PDF files as well.

If your the person who spends a lot of time reading articles on the websites, you would like Reading View of edge browser which would let you read web pages with more peace.

Microsoft Edge browser

Knowing that Microsft Edge hasn’t been able to compete with popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge has decided to get rid of its own rendering engine and use Google’s Chromium engine.

This web browser also features built-in inking tools for taking screenshots of pages and Cortana for looking up words and phrases. Microsoft Edge saves the bookmarks and browsing history to cloud. This data can sync to iOS and Android.

Microsoft Edge for windows consumes less battery. So, if you want your computer to deliver better battery life, Microsoft Edge would be a better choice.

Download: Free

Pros :

  • Built-in Cortana integration which helps you a lot.
  • Bookmarks and browsing history sync between devices as chrome.
  • Windows Timeline support.

Cons ;

  • The browser can freeze on pages with too many ads.
  • Slow to load embedded videos.
  • Needs a powerful computer to open a lot of tabs.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the most popular free browser among all desktop browser When it comes to offering more efficiency, privacy, and security, Mozilla Firefox probably is one of the best Windows 10 browsers.

It’s been around since 2002, but mostly because of its frequent updates. If your looking for the alternative to chrome browser then this should be your choice.

The best thing about this browser is being an open-source and non-profit platform, Mozilla Firefox doesn’t share users data with advertisers, which is great.

Mozilla Firefox browser

In Firefox you will be able to access your open and recent tabs, bookmarks and browsing history across the devices. It can also help you automatically block ads to have a distraction-free web browsing experience. 

firefox for windows comes with free password logins which makes life easier rather than remembering all the passwords.

Download: Free

Pros :

  • Massive library of browser extensions.
  • Firefox is available on all major computers.
  • Gives full support for Windows Hello authentication.

Cons :

  • Frustrating update process.
  • Scrolling isn’t as smooth as other browsers.
  • With this service’s speed ensures a great online experience.

4. Opera

Opera is based on the same core technologies as Chrome, it can run many Chrome extensions. It comes with an integrated ad-blocker which can help you to browse the internet without any distraction like Mozilla Firefox.

Coming to the speed of the browser is not the fastest but can work well. The favorite feature of Opera browser is Turbo where it reduces the load time and the bandwidth of webpages by, passing webpages on Opera’s servers and compressing them.

Opera browser

The only flaw of this browser is it isn’t compatible with some older websites, but Opera is a secure, fast and feature-rich internet browser worthy of consideration.

download: Free


  • Opera lets you pin icons to toolbars.
  • Comes with an integrated ad-blocker which will help to block ads.
  • The developer version has an integrated virtual private network.


  • It isn’t the most secure web browser available.
  • Opera is lacking in parental controls.
  • This browser is it isn’t compatible with some older websites.

5. Vivaldi

Vivaldi browser is built on the same Chromium-based technology that powers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge which allows you to install almost any extension from the Chrome web store.

In this internet browser, you can change the browser’s UI colors as to your wish. You can also move the toolbar to the top and to bottom or sides. There’s a built-in note-taking system, you can dock websites as side panels.

We all spend probably a lot of time sitting in front of our web browsers and came up with some awesome features in all most all browsers. we like the custom shortcuts in Vivaldi that play a vital role in speeding up web browsing.

Vivaldi comes with some built-in tools like note and image properties ensure you don’t need to look for other extensions for basic work.

Download: Free

Pros :

  • The ability to add any website to the toolbar is incredibly useful.
  • Lots of customization options for users.
  • Supports Google Chrome Extensions.

Cons :

  • Vivaldi isn’t available for iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.
  • Some options may confuse casual internet users who just want to check Facebook.
  • Clicking on some links in the smaller window can load pages in the main window.

6. Tor Browser

Tor browser is the most regularly associated with the seedy underworld of the dark web. This internet browser for windows 10 is the best web browser if you’re looking for improved security and privacy.

Tor Browser is just a tool, after all – but for a secondary browser useful for those private moments it’s a great choice.  The multi-layered encryption in tor browser works as an essential safeguard for your personal information.

tor browser

One notable feature of this browser is the ability to let you securely access even unlisted sites. you can run it from a USB stick and nobody need ever know you have it at all.

When you connect to Tor, all of your Internet traffic is encrypted and routed through a complex network of anonymous nodes until it reaches its final destination. This is the best anonymous browser

Tor provides a very high degree of true anonymity. Using a VP can provide a high degree of privacy, but should never be regarded as anonymous (because your VPN provider will always know your true IP address).

If you are in search of best VPN providers, Here are the best VPN providers you should try. The browsing history and the cookies are automatically cleaned up in this internet browser.

Download: Free


  • IP addresses are also impossible to track or trace.
  • Because it’s open-source software, it’s difficult to hide malware in Tor browser.
  • It’s free and universally accessible. Downloading Tor costs nothing, and it works on PCs, Macs and Linux computers.


  • Tor takes ages to load its homepage, as much as sixty seconds from clicking its icon.
  • Information is delivered anonymously, but the software contains vulnerabilities, especially when viewing HTTP sites rather than encrypted HTTPS ones.
  • Because it’s effectively anonymous, Tor doesn’t bother encrypting data.

7. Torch Browser

Torch Browser is a Chromium-based software works great for daily browsing, but also has a few unique aspects that work in sync with your toolbar. This internet browser works with on every version of Windows.

We were impressed with the speed, unique features and look of Torch. If you are a music fan, this service is worth the download. The Torch internet browser provides an above-average browsing experience which you can’t replicate on android.


It has an elegant media player that let you catch up with your favorite media on a single click. The share button allows you to post on social media without visiting social sites.

Saving web media onto your computer becomes simple with the Torch browser. It has fascinating backgrounds, colors, and eye-catching themes where you can customize them as you need.

This best browser has a music player that can keep you entertained during your long browsing session.

Download: Free


  • The share button allows you to post on social media without visiting social sites.
  • Built-in media and torrent player.
  • Allow a lot of Customisation.
  • Torch also grabs YouTube videos and other online content with a single click 


  • It only has a music app.
  • Torch browser installed several extensions and toolbar that we didn’t necessarily want.
  • Torch took several attempts to download and install.


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