Best laptops for programming
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Buying the best laptop for programming is not an easy task. You have to check a lot of different things based on what programming language you use and what type of programming you do with your laptop.

We found all the best laptops for software developers like you, whether you’re learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript or high-end languages like java, python, etc…

What are those essential things to check on a programmer’s laptop? What are the best laptops for programming available to buy in the market?

Before going through the best laptops list, bear in mind that are a few things you need to remember before you buy the best laptop for programming

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Laptop:

Processing Speed: First, you’re going to need one of the best processors when you’re compiling code. Laptops in today’s days come with plenty of cores, threads and high clock speeds, but you should focus on getting the fastest processing speed. Laptops that have an i5 or i7 processor are best for programming in 2019.

RAM: You absolutely need at least 8GB, and it needs to be fast. RAM is like water to the developer. Think about storage as well, one of the best SSDs is essential, as it will save minutes off your project. That would cost more, however, the memory limit will be completely useful.

Hard Drive: You’ll need to consider getting a 256GB SSD, yet you can likewise get great outcomes from a 1TB standard drive. If you want blazingly fast storage and can work with lesser space, then go with SSD.

You won’t need the fastest dedicated graphics chip on the laptop, as modern Intel hardware comes with integrated graphics that are more than good enough for programming life.

As programming involves a lot of typing, you need the best keyboards to do your programming stuff very smoothly. The wireless keyboards would be the best option, that gives you superior comfort. If you’r not a big fan of wireless keyboards, you can get a mechanical keyboard.

Repairability: Repairability is the important factor if you need to add RAM or replace Hard Drive with a larger one in a year or two. Some of them (like Macbook) is made the way that it is almost impossible to replace hard drive or RAM.

Best laptops for programming at a glance:

  1. HP Spectre x360 (2019)
  2. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme laptop
  3. HP EliteBook x360 1040 G5 2-in-1
  4. Apple MacBook Air (2019)
  5. Microsoft Surface Pro 6
  6. Google Pixelbook
  7. Microsoft Surface Book 2 (13.5-inch)


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