Freelance websites are platforms, where freelancers get their work and employers post their offers. Freelancing has evolved over the last couple of years and has become more vast and eye-catching than ever before. We don’t have to worry about waking up early to get ready for the job.

Freelancing helps you create a secondary source of income. Online freelance websites and marketplaces changed the way we work. There are a ton of platforms to choose from and it’s much easier to find work than ever before. 

What does the term freelancing mean?

Freelancing on the side is a great way to make a little extra money. If you wanna become a full-time freelancer you have to give more importance to your work and satisfy the need of customers. Know more about what is freelancing and How you can do freelancing?

Note: Keep in mind before going further. One cannot make billions by freelancing, it just satisfies your needs and some extra stuff.


Best Freelancing Websites in 2020

Freelance culture grew famous during the last 2-3 years, many websites have been launched that provide great service to freelance workers and outsourcers. After doing some research on the web and found the following best freelancing websites for freelancers to work on.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the oldest players in the freelancing game and the most popular biggest outsourcing destination in the world. The platform launched back in 2009 and quickly became one of the biggest freelancing spaces in the world.


If you are looking for a place to start working online, then Freelancer is the best place for you to take a step forward in your life. This platform is loved by both professionals and clients around the world. With over 15 million registered users, it’s one of the best places to find talent and work alike

It’s easy to sign up as a freelancer or employer and start earning or hiring. I always recommend newbies and even professional freelancers to join the Freelancer site. The bidding method helps you to show off your talents and helps you to get a job much easier. The platform charges a 10% convenience fee from freelancers.

Visit: Freelancer

2. Upwork

Back in 2015, oDesk and Elance, the world’s two biggest freelance websites joined hands to build a world’s best freelancing websites, and as a result, Upwork was born. Upwork is also one of the largest freelancing platforms out there with lot of active freelancers working on it every second.


Upwork provides very high-quality service and the fees that they take for projects are also small. When work is completed, funds are safely transferred from client to freelancer. Anyone whose skill level is entry-level to expert can find something that fits their work.

This platform provides every kind of talent including and not limited to web developers, designers, writers, coders, sales, accountants, virtual assistants, tech support, and data analytics. The service is available in more than 180 countries, you will be able to post jobs or get work from anywhere.

Visit: Upwork

3. Fiverr

If you want to get your work done at the cheapest rates in the market, give Fiverr a try. It is the world’s largest marketplace for small services. The most interesting part is you can create gigs for as low as $5. 

Fiverr frelancing

There are still a lot of professionals on Fiverr who are happy to do your work for $5. If you can do something very usual that people may be willing to pay $5 for then you can make a significant amount of money here.

This platform is way opposite from other traditional platforms. Freelancers create their own jobs based upon what they are good at, rather than companies posting jobs that freelancers can apply for.

Visit: Fiverr

4. PeoplePerHour

This freelancing platform changed the way we hire freelancers. This site brings together people who are either seeking or offering services. This platform allows freelancers or professionals to set their pricing on a per hour basis


There are two ways to hire a freelancer on this platform. First, you can choose from the professionals who have a fixed rate and hire them, or you can post a job and let professionals bid on it just like

Freelancers can send 15 proposals to clients for free before they will need to sign up for a paid plan, but freelancers can browse jobs and get notified for new openings at no cost. This platform is best for clients who are looking for top professionals and don’t want to go through the whole bidding process

Visit: PeoplePerHour

5. Guru

This platform enables freelancers to showcase their skills and services and to find appropriate jobs. You will also be able to see how much a company has spent using Guru’s freelancer pool.


With over 1.5 million members worldwide, the platform boasts of more than 1 million completed jobs and $200 million being paid to its professionals. This platform offers various services including web, software & IT, design, art & multimedia, writing & translations, sales & marketing, admin support and much more.

As a guru, you apply for jobs and get paid when you complete it. A freelancer manages his/her activities through Work Room and the platform uses its SafePay system to disburse payments to freelancers making sure that the money exchanges between right hands.

Visit: Guru

Best Freelancing Websites

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