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If you’re bored of Facebook friends or WhatsApp chat! Looking to spice things up a little? Sometimes talking to strangers can be really beneficial to your mind.  There are some anonymous chat apps to chatrandom which will let you have a free anonymous chat with strangers just like Facebook/WhatsApp Messenger allows.

The websites to chat anonymous allow you to talk to strangers text anonymously and some of them have a video feature which means that you can see who you’re talking to on the other end. perfect for those who don’t make friends easily or are too shy to talk to strangers normally.

Here are five anonymous good chat apps for meeting random strangers that do just that. Before we begin to remember that don’t say or do anything in the anonymous chat app that will make you regret later. With that being said, let’s get started.

1. Omegle


Omegle is one of the oldest chatting platforms and still the most popular sites where you can talk to strangers in one-on-one chat sessions and is a very good chatting application which is exclusively available for the iOS users.

It offers fast, easy chatting with random strangers anywhere. Although none of the users is verified, so you are free to use any randomly you like. Once you login in, the chatting apps randomly paired for one-on-one chat sessions. It has features such as – filter by gender or video chats, interest.

It has features such as – filter by gender or video chats, interest. The best part about Omegle is that you can filter the type of person you want to match.

2. Whisper


Whisper is the best apps to chat with people is another very good competitor of Facebook and WhatsApp. It has a huge user base with a thriving community. Most users claim to have had meaningful conversations that had some kind of positive impact on their minds.

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Like other chatting apps, every user needs to confirm their identity in the app, and after your identity is confirmed, you can easily use this brilliant anonymous chatting app. You can whisper your desires and thoughts with strangers chat without having to reveal your real identity.

3. Yik Yak

yik yak

Just like Omegle yik yak lets you put an idea out there and then interact with people who have the same interests or opinions. With yik yak app, you can request strangers to wake you up with a call. The app is not completely anonymous and you can choose to show your original profile. 

You can also join other discussions and do the same.  The app has a few more bots that fetch people from other parts of the world with similar interests.

4. Meet Me


Meetme was originally an anonymous chat website but after the brilliant success of the website, the developers of this website launched the application on the Google Play Store.

Today, MeetMe has the largest anonymous chat apps user base of more than 100 million. This app also features some arcade and casino based games that you can enjoy with your new anonymous friends.

The meet me chatting app is really a fantastic option to chat with anonymous people who are having the same views and thoughts which you have. After registering on this application, You can browse all the people who wanted to start a conversation with you.



Coming to the last one let me clear that, Rave is not a chat app. Instead, this app allows you to connect with your unknown friend to watch Netflix and youtube together. This is really an interesting concept which youngsters are liking very much.

Simply join that room and start texting or talking while you watch. Or you can create your own chat room for the movie you like and other people will join you.

Bonus: During your chat with others, there must be tons of chat history stored in your Android phone, especially some multimedia like photos and voice messages.  which may get deleted and you can get back them with the help of the Recovery tool.


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