Apple TV is a small box that connects to your TV via its HDMI port. It was Launched in 2007, Apple TV was a revolutionary streaming media box that served as an entertainment hub.

What is Apple Tv?

You might have a doubt that what is Apple Tv 4K? In the current generation, it’s called Apple TV 4K. Apple’s TV app has undergone a new subscription service of $30 – $40 per month.

There are two models of the Apple TV 4K supports 4K Ultra HD and HDR video. Where Apple TV only supports 1080p HD. It turns your television into a “smart” TV. You can stream movies and TV shows from apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

You need to have Internet access for this device to work. You’ll have to connect your Apple TV 4K to your home Wi-Fi network. We highly recommend Apple TV if you have lots of video content on iTunes.

If you would like to mirror your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to your TV screen this could be the solution. It gives you the ability to stream services from the Internet on your TV.

Apple TV 4K comes with the same fast processor that powers iPad Pro, as most laptop computers come with. The graphics processor is enough to turn it into a game console.

Here are simple terms about What is Apple Tv?
  • Apple TV is a streaming device, which lets you watch videos, listen to music, play games, and
  • It supports 4K Ultra HD and HDR video playback and has 32GB and 64GB variants.
  • It lets you mirror your full phone or tablet screen on your TV.

How does Apple TV 4K work?

Apple TV acts as a media center, which requires an internet connection to work. You can connect your TV to this device and stream your videos on your TV. It will automatically walk you through the setup process whenever you turn on the TV.

You’ll have to enter the same Apple’s ID on TV which you use on your iPhone or iPad by which it automatically connects the device to your Apple account.

Apple TV comes with Siri ( virtual assistance) voice controls similar to those found on Amazon Fire and MI TV. Users can navigate their content by pressing the microphone button remote.

What can you do with an Apple TV 4K?

Apple Tv 4K uses a wireless technology called Airplay,  that can cast whatever is on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac screen onto your TV. 

Play Games
Apple TV App Store has a lot of games you can download to the device and play.

Cast Video and Audio from a Mac, iPhone or iPad
You can stream video and audio content to your TV through the Apple TV. You cannot stream if you have a Windows and Android device, it only works with Apple device.

Watch Streaming Videos
You can watch videos on your Tv with you providers like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, PBS, YouTube, etc.

Mirror Your iOS Device’s Screen
Apple Tv lets you mirror your full phone or tablet screen on your TV. For example, maybe you want to access your email or a message on a big screen or read the latest Tech News on, anything you’re doing will display on your TV.

What Are the Different Apple TV Models?

  1. (first gen): Jan 2007
  2. (second-gen): Sep 2010
  3. (third-gen): Mar 2012
  4. (fourth-gen): Oct 2015
  5. (fifth-gen, 4K): Sep 2017

How to set up your Apple TV

What do you need?
  • You need a TV or other display with an HDMI port.
  • An internet connection.
  • An HDMI 2.0 or later compatible cable.
Set up your Apple TV 4K
  • Connect Apple Tv 4k to your TV with an HDMI cable. ( Make sure that you use an HDMI 2.0 or later compatible cable.
  • Choose your language which you want in this device and turn on Siri which help you via voice commands.
  • Connect to the service providers you want to stream like Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu Plus.
  • Start streaming and Goodluck from TechDoots 🙂


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