Apple shared some of the new features that you’ll get with the release of iOS 13 this fall. There are a ton of small and big feature updates and it felt like Apple executives were rushing through the presentation because there are so many things to announce.

“iOS 13 is a huge release packed with lot of capabilities,” VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said. But Federighi immediately started with performance improvements.

For instance, Face ID is 30 percent faster. Downloads and updates on the App Store are a lot smaller. Updates are 60 percent smaller on average because your iPhone won’t download the full app every time you get an update. And apps should launch twice as fast.

Apple’s newest software for iPhones and iPads — officially called iOS 13 — is real, bringing dark mode across all apps and faster uploads, downloads and face unlocking. The unveiling at Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference comes just weeks after Google, Silicon Valley’s other titan of tech, trickled out more details about Android Q, Apple’s chief software rival.

Today with iOS 13, it’s Apple’s turn to woo app-makers and wow future buyers with everything that iPhones and iPads running iOS 13 will soon be able to do.

Apple’s ability to engage buyers with iOS 13 features is particularly important in 2019. The iPhone-maker has seen iPhone sales slow in step with competitors across the board. Meanwhile, the next iPhones will likely lag behind other Android rivals in key features like support for 5G speeds, periscope zoom and a standalone night mode for ultraclear camera shots.

But over the years, Apple has proven that it can create must-have software tools and apps, like FaceTime video and iMessage.

Siri finds a new voice

Siri, Apple’s new voice assistant, gets an audio update in iOS 13. Instead of clipped voices, Apple is hoping the new Siri sounds smoother and more natural to your ears. Using AI software (a neural talk-to-speak network, specifically), Siri will speak with fewer gaps and non-human sounding modulations.

iOS 13’s Siri also works better with AirPods, the HomePod and CarPlay:

  • Create personalized shortcuts using a new Shortcuts app
  • Suggested automation so you can customize your and create a template
  • Siri reads messages as soon as they arrive and you can instantly respond
  • Share a movie or song with a friend with one tap
  • Handoff a phone call or music from your iPhone to your HomePod
  • CarPlay: Siri smart suggestions work here, like suggesting you open your garage door when you get close to home

More new iOS 13 features

  • Send call spam straight to voice mail
  • New keyboard lets you swipe as you type
  • Time-synced lyrics when you play music
  • Face ID unlocking is now 30 percent faster
  • Apps launch 2x faster
  • Downloads are 50% smaller and updates 60% smaller

New apps in iOS 13

  • Mail: Gets rich new fonts
  • Notes: A new gallery view, support for shared folders
  • Reminders: You can add details for when and where to remind you of an item
  • Smart lists will let you tag a person in order to trigger sending a notification to another person, for example when you set up a time to talk
  • Maps: Gets Apple Carplay support by the end of 2019. You’ll be able to see roads, beaches, parks and buildings, tag a place for favorites. Collections will give you a list of favorites to share with friends. Look-around will give you a high-def 3D view of the area. Landscape view will smoothly move down the street, letting you tap labels to learn more about new places.


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