Best app lockers for android

Using an App locker is the best way to safeguard our privacy. The smartphone is our personal device where a lot of our sensitive data is stored. There may be banking apps or our messaging apps, that we don’t want to share with others.

We do take a ton of photos and videos which we do not want to be seen by others as it may be with our family or our closed ones. There are many Lockers available on Play Store it can be hard to pick the best app locker.

We’ve picked the best app lockers for specific user requirements. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

1. App Lock

App Lock is the best and the most downloaded locker in the Playstore with 100 million downloads. With the help of App Lock, you can even lock apps as well as various Android toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data and much more…

App Lock
App Lock

This app let you lock the even the incoming calls where you have to pen the lock to lift the call.It is the complete package of features in an app locker.

You can also manage to hide apps in the android and prevents the apps from uninstallation. You don’t need to install another app to hide photos and videos on android.

Along with app locking, the app also brings a photo and video vault where you can hide your photos and videos. It also comes with power saving mode which you don’t need to worry about your battery saving.

Install: Applock


  • Time and Location-specific app lock
  • Lock phone settings
  • Lock incoming calls


  • Intruder selfie never works sometimes

2. Norton App Locker

You would have listen to the name Norton which is a popular antiviral making company. The company also made a Norton App Lock which allows you to lock the apps on android. If you want an ads-free app which let you work done this would be the choice.

Norton app locker gives you an option to set a recovery email, along with a sneak peek feature that captures photos of intruders who tries to open the app with the wrong password.

Norton App lock allows you to add 4 digit password and do the same things as other apps do. Here, I suggest you this app if you want an app lock with a reputated company or ads-free app lock then it’s for you.

Install: Norton app Lock


  • Easy to use and very simple
  • Keep screen on for certain apps
  • Set screen orientation for certain apps


  • No fingerprint lock or pattern lock. Only passcode

3. Keep safe App Locker

Keep safe is the simplest app locker out there on the play store. It comes with the best UI design and packs in support for PIN, pattern, and fingerprint. Where you can use a pattern or pin as for your comfort.

 Fingerprint Password

If your phone has a Fingerprint option you can also use it to lock your apps. Another feature of this app is it prevent uninstall and hide PIN touches. You can also disable the app temporarily if you would like to do it for a few hours.

This lock apps and settings like WiFi, Bluetooth and more. The app locker is free to use but it comes with adds that sounds like a little creepy, well you can also get rid of this by purchasing the premium plan.

Install: Keepsafe App Lock


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Quick unlock
  • Fingerprint unlock
  • simple features


  • Fingerprint scanner sometimes unable to unlock
  • Sometimes asks to unlock while using the app.

4. AppLock

This app lock is very simple and comes with awesome UI designed. It provides two types to security’s, where you can use a pin code or pattern to unlock the app. You can lock the apps in one click after opening this app.

Applock is another popular and best app to lock apps on play store which is created by Hyperspeed. This company also create antivirus and phone cleaners to keep your phone clean. Where we have also covered about 7 Best antivirus for android phones.


  • Incoming calls locker
  • Hide notifications
  • No Ads.
  • smooth use


  • No fingerprint unlock

5. Hexlock App Locker

Hexlock is the best app to lock other apps in your phone where you want to keep some of your apps private. It is a new app to lock your apps for Android that has gained a lot of traction due to its beautiful interface and handy features.

It’s a unique app locker that provides profiles to lock your apps. That automatically enable a profile based on the WiFi network your device is connected to.  Not only adding security to other apps, but It also has a feature that captures the pics of them who tries to access the app illegally.

Hexlock also provides Media vault which protects ( app protector lock my apps ) the media that are imported into it. Once a photo or a video is imported into the Media Vault, it can’t be accessed from the inbuilt gallery app or even a third-party app.

Like the other apps, it has many more features like preventing from uninstallation, relock time delay( app to lock apps for a period of time
) and much more common as other apps do. It keeps a history of events that Hexlock underwent through.

Install: Hexlock


  • Profile-based app locking system
  • Media protection
  • Security logs


  • It sometimes takes more time to show up the security overlay (2-3 seconds)

6. Calculator – Photo/Video Vault

If you wanna be unique among other and want to unlock your app by calculating the numbers then this is for you. This app totally looks and works like a calculator but not a calculator.

The best secrete of this app is it fools the one who tries to open the app. Basically, it looks like a calculator and does calculations as well, but if you enter the correct password which was created by you then it unlocks the app.

You can save secrete photos and videos in this app as like other apps. This app protects not just media items but you can also add secret notes, contacts and browser internet with the incognito browser and much more…

Just add your photos and videos to this Locker and no one will be able to see those media unless you access them from this app. The main thing, not to forget the disguising calculator is fully functional.

Install: Calculator vault


  • The disguise.
  • Hide contacts.
  • Add secret notes.

Cons: None.

7. Finger Security

If your phone has a fingerprint sensor then you can use this app. Finger Security is mainly based on Fingerprint unlock for devices with the Fingerprint scanner.

In this app, you can enable the improved protection features that prevent the app’s data isn’t visible in the recent screen. It also brings options to set safe locations, detect intruders, set up a fake locker, and more…

Finger Security
Finger Security

Like other app lockers, there are many features that prevent from uninstalling. The app is available in a free version but it’s fairly limited. Purchasing primium version lets you use all the features which are limited to free.

Install: Finger Security


  • Stringent security features
  • Alternate password
  • No Ads on security unlock overlay.
  • Quick unlock with the fingerprint
  • Per-app security customization

Cons: No cons as per my usage.

Use these Best Applock for Android: Best apps Lock apps

There is a tin of app locker apps on play store and it is very difficult to find which is best for us. you can try all apps and come to a conclusion of some apps but, it takes a lot of your time and can damage your phone’s performance.

So, we have tested a lot of apps and listed the top 10 app locker apps for android. If you are looking for a feature-rich app locker we suggest you go for AppLock which has some interesting unique features like timer, location lock, pics and much more mentioned as above.


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