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Best Voice recorder apps play a major role in recording voice or some sort of sound on your phone. Today almost all the smartphones come in-built voice recorders, while those are good, they lack features even for occasional users.

Here, the Youtubers also needs the best voice recorder for their shoots, so that their viewers can get a clear voice. The good news is that you don’t have to go and buy a voice recorder pro for recording your voice. Your smartphone is perfectly capable of handling it for you.

Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

As voice recorders are used in recording lectures, public events, meetings, random thoughts and ideas, and they are also great to record yourself while you’re in deep sleep and talk non-sense in the night.

Here we are highlighting the top 5 best Android voice recorder apps that are simple to use & allows easy recording anywhere & anytime.

1. Easy Voice Recorder

As in the name easy voice recorder allows you to record voice easily anywhere and anytime with a simple interface. It Records high-quality MP4 & PCM. We all want to record the voice or any conversation quickly and secretly as for the proof or any other reasons.

Easy Voice Recorder
Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder lets you start a recording directly from shortcuts very quickly and able to record in the background even the screen is off. You can share the recording via email or app and comes with Android Wear support.

It also supports multiple file-formats including the space-saving AMR and the high-quality PCM.

There is a pro version that will allow you to upload all recordings automatically to Google Drive or Dropbox. Easy Voice Recorder is the best Voice Recording app where it comes with all the features that can be expected to form a voice recorder.

Install : Easy Voice Recorder

2. Voice Recorder

This Voice recorder save your audio recordings in MP3 format which offers high audio quality. It records the voice in the background (even when the display is off) and hence reduces the battery percentage. You can Shares a recording through multiple media outlets such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, Dropbox, etc.

Voice Recorder
Voice Recorder

This Recorder allows cut, trim, copy/paste, and remove parts that you don’t like, right inside the app itself. The best feature of this app is, it allows you to listen to the final version of the record before saving it to for library.

It Supports file formats: OGG as well as MP3. As mention above it has a simple user interface that you can easily use to it and can record the sounds easily with High-quality audio. It is the best voice recording and editing app for android.

The thing here is it Requires Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above as maximum users in today’s time have the android version above 5.0 It ranks in the second position on our list of best Android voice recorder apps for it’s easy to use.

Install: Voice Recorder

3. Cogi

This recorder not only offers a beautiful UI, but also a feature that no other app provides. Cogi voice recording app lets you record the sound that you didn’t record on the time.

That means you can go back in time, up to 45 seconds, to record what was said that you didn’t record. Cogi does it by actively listening behind the scenes.

So that you do not miss important things, that could have recorded from the beginning of the conservation. You can add text and images to the recordings to help to the remembrance of the day highlights.

cogi voice recorder

Where Cogi comes three plans. Free, Standard, and Pro. The free plan comes with 500 MB storage, Standard comes with 50 GB cloud storage which is around $ 14.99, and Pro is 250 GB of the cloud storage for $39.99.

Another feature is premium plans also allow you to record phone calls as well. The best thing is that you can record the voice even if one is in the middle of a call, they can start recording with a single click.

Install: Cogi

4. Rewind

Rewind is a smart voice recorder app designed to capture spontaneous moments. It works in a way that it runs silently in the background and records everything that happens in your surroundings.

You may think that it may wound up my storage by recording all the stuff I don’t need!. right? No, It won’t fill up your space. You can set the app to record 15-minute or 30 minutes clips and the app would keep the latest 30 minutes of the audio recordings.


The app comes with the awesome features like you can enable to set a custom trigger for recording like shake to record or double-tap to record. The main and important good thing is that this app is free to use and don’t have any ads.

Rewind app doesn’t burn up the memory of your smartphone, but it would consume significant resources while running in the background. This may drain your battery quickly.

This is a great app that acts as a backup tool for your recordings where you would have to record something important or any confidential conversation.

Install: Rewind

5. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

As other voice recording apps, Hi-Q is one of the more powerful voice recorder apps out there in the list of best 5 voice recorders for android. It comes with the ability to choose which mic on your device you want to use (assuming you have more than one).

Hi-Q Mp3 Voice recorder

This simple voice recorder app records up to 10 minutes per clip. For the unlimited recording, you have to purchase a premium plan in this case. The paid version adds a few more features as well. The only downside of this app is that it doesn’t support phone call recording.

It also Offers Easy WIFI transfer without generation loss and Supports automatic uploads of recordings to clouds such as Google Drive & Dropbox. With Mic option, one can get the best quality of sound with the minimum effort.

Install: Hi-Q MP3 Voice recorder


We would recommend the voice recording app which is best for recording and you can cut, trim and edit the voice in the app itself.

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